Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life in which many changes take place, both physical and emotional, and it is not always easy to adapt to them. Doubts, uncertainty and fear of the unknown appear. It is very important to have a qualified, specialized and trusted professional to give you support in this important period, and the midwife is the best figure for it.

The truth is that you could summarize the care a woman needs in pregnancy in two words: healthy life. But sometimes there may be doubts about some specific issues, that you need to resolve with a person who knows these care thoroughly. At Estudio Aequus, your midwife is at your disposal to answer any questions.

We propose the Midwife Service, in two types of consultation: Individual and Collective

The Individual Consultation is divided into different services or consultations: 1-Pregnancy, 2-Post-Labor and Maternity, 3-Gynecology and 4- at home.

La Collective Consultation is divided into: 1-Preparation Groups for childbirth and maternity, and 2-Post-Delivery

Individual Consultation

Matrona Consultation


Postpartum maternity and maternity consultation

Gynecological Matron Consultation

Matron at homeMatrona a Domicilio

Group Consultation

Preparation for childbirth and motherhood

Postpartum group

Consulta Individual
Consulta matrona posparto y maternidad 40€
Consulta matrona embarazo 40€
Consulta matrona ginecología 40€
Matrona a domicilio 50€
Sesiones de preparación al parto y maternidad
1 sesión semanal, 40€/mes
1 sesión, 15€
1 sesión semanal con la pareja, 60€/mes