Bonus Course

Postural hygiene

The Postural Hygiene or a well made movement, is not carried out with the theory but with a trained body for that purpose. For this reason the Bonded Course of Mechanization of the Labor Ergonomics helps to mechanize it through a functional training, the alignment, strengthening the abdominal muscles, the abdominal strip: transverse of the abdomen, rectus abdominus and obliques, all this will help us to improve the health and to minimize or eliminate lumbar pain, pain due to hernias, sciatica, protrusion, contractures, cervicalgia, etc.

That is why at Studio Aequus in Palma de Mallorca, we have a bonus course from the Tripartite Foundation for your workers.

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Mechanization of Labor Ergonomics, Bonifiable Course for workers.

Mechanization of Labor Ergonomics, Bonifiable Course for workers. Companies have an annual loan to invest in training, “invest” in health and productivity.

We reduce the number of sick leave due to musculoskeletal injuries that generate pain. The only practical Bonded Training, which improves Postural Hygiene, worker’s physical form and which mechanizes the correct movement, to avoid injuries and / or the continuous relapses.

“The Aequus System guarantees the reduction of sick leave, a worker without back pain, more effective and happy”

The pathologies and / or pain can be minimized or eradicated by applying a global functional training, improving postural hygiene and quality of movement, educating it from the principles of concentration, body awareness, breathing, elasticity, balance and muscle tone, center of strength “core”, joint mobility, control and precision in movement, alignment, opposition, coordination and resistance, through true professionals in the understanding of the body, its pathologies and musculoskeletal needs. Undoubtedly these principles are the best guarantee of health and physical capacity.

To this end, Estudio Aequus offers companies a bonus course, in which we equip workers with the physical capacity to apply the theories of Work Ergonomics and Occupational Risk Prevention (in the musculoskeletal field), a course of different, dynamic and totally practical-face-to-face training.

Not by telling someone how to sit or how to move and / or lift a weight, will do well, if your body is not musculoskeletally trained.

We want to be your most effective savings and productivity tool, the studies guarantee that for every € invested in the health of the worker through the healthy habits of life, they revert to the company in 3 or 4 €, contributing at the same time more value , if possible, to your company, 90% of our clients improve or eliminate pain, so we are sure that the average cost of casualties will decrease and obtain a greater benefit, at no cost.

The Aequus System supposes the education and essential physical preparation, as much to improve the quality of life of its worker, as to be an interesting intangible and a tangible saving.

We can adapt the courses to the needs of the company, duration, schedule and objective.