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Timetable of RGM, Pilates, Pregnant, Hypopressive Gymnastics and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy schedules are by appointment with our Physiotherapist. The schedules of Pilates in Floor and Pilates Machines, Stretches, Hiporpresive Abdominal Gymnastics and Class of Pregnant Pilates are the activities of the table, with their respective days and levels.

The schedules are distributed in two studies; A1: C /. Costa Rica 1 and A2: C /. Vicente Juan and Rossello 32, both differentiated by activity, soil and machinery. The rest of the columns from Monday to Saturday and studies.

The classes work by levels: 1 Initiation, 2 Preparatory, 3 Basic, 4 Intermediate, 5 Advanced and 6 Super Advanced, these levels are internal and by evaluation of the student, by the instructor.

These schedules may undergo modifications in: schedule, level, type of class, etc.

More information: 673 913 224

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Estudio Aequus 1

Estudio Aequus 2

Now you can download the schedules of our classes, so you can see in an organized way the schedules and types of classes that await you in Estudio Aequus 1 and Estudio Aequus 2:
Estudio Aequus 1: Download in PDF
Estudio Aequus 2: Download in PDF

Remember that these schedules may suffer modifications to the agenda.