Our commitment

At our centers of Aequus Pilates Clinical and Physiotherapy “We Commit to Your Body” and your health, offering you an experience of the highest quality, for the most perfect machine ever created: The Human Body.

We are the only center that teaches in 8 levels, from the Global Rehabilitation in Motion, Pilates Clinic, to the Advanced level, with synergies between different professionals, to guarantee maximum quality.

We have also acquired another commitment, creating Aequus Mujer, so that at all times, either by age or need, be attended by a qualified professional. At Estudio Aequus we will always advise you from the maximum honesty. We are your center of Physiotherapy and PilatesNos preocupas tu.

That’s why our commitment and objective, is not only to prevent, mitigate, soften or mitigate the pathology,

  • We seek and act at the root of the problem.
  • We strive for the total reintegration of the patient-client in their daily lives.
  • We help you to mechanize healthy movements.
  • A correct postural hygiene in your day to day be at a pathological level or for physical training at the highest level.


Do not forget that we have a body and a whole life, and educating and understanding a body is not easy.

Our body is complicated and “capricious”, dictating exercises can be easy, however, to understand and teach these bodies to be aware of their movement and to work them with the appropriate means, is a task as complex as the body itself

Estudio Aequus
About us?

Estudio Aequus, your Body Health Center specialized in Palma de Mallorca.

We are specialists in:

  • Pilates
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hypopressive Gymnastics

Global Movement Rehabilitation

Our main objective is health and body function. Our physios, and Pilates monitors are a synergic team, with a clear objective: Your Wellbeing

Since 2007 we understand that these synergies are the foundation of our health. We perform a skeletal muscle assessment by the Physiotherapist, to mark the guidelines to the instructor of Pilates and guarantee a personalized work.
We are a different project, where we bet for the holistic treatment. Since according to the World Health Organization (OMS), health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not only the absence of disease or disease.”

We have two centers in Palma. One opened in 2007 and the second in 2010, where our specialty is health, through functional training “Pilates”, with more than 80,000 experience classes. We have a team composed of a degree in Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Osteopaths, Dancers etc. All with a dense training in the “Pilates” environment, health and years of experience, with our technical director, Elena García with more than 18 years as a teacher in the Pilates Method.

“Many of the common pathologies with a functional and preventive physical work , would not suppose a present or future pain ”

Guillermo Homar Ferrer



Currículum Vitae



Vice principal

Boulevar academic

Business delegate


Manager and owner

Vuelos Balear,S.L



Prevefoc Insular,S.L

Business delegate


Grupo Azimut

Elena García Ortiz


Currículum Vitae


Physical Education, INEF (National Institute of Physical Education) by the University of Lleida


Elite gymnast

Champion of the Balearic Islands and participation in Spanish championships


Aerobics Fitness


Sports gymnastics


Pilates movement:

6 years of training and about 12,000 hours of classes taught working from the hygiene and mechanization of posture, with people of all kinds of musculoskeletal needs, from hernias, prostheses, scoliosis, kyphosis, hip problems, joints, cervical, etc …

Stott Pilates: 32 hours

PoleStar Pilates: 1 year for Pilates teacher

Peak Pilates: 36 hours

Instructor BTS of Body Balance and Body Pump, updated recycles.

Tonification, Step and Aerobic Fitness Pentathlon

Intsructor of Indoor Cycling and Tot Cycling (Spinning, taught by Kim Forteza)


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Estudio Aequus
Always at your disposition

A personalized attention for each case, a professional and experienced team in constant training. Specialized in health in movement thanks
to body awareness, correct posture and healthy mind.