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    Meet our


    The Aequus System wants to provide a differential degree in Palma de Mallorca, with a system designed for your health in service, professionalism and multidisciplinary team: Pilates, Physiotherapy, Hypopressive Exercises and Women’s Institute.

    An infrastructure where the fundamental pillar is the Controlled and conscious movement, which seeks to balance the body and joint stability, both preventive, as appropriate to the needs and pathological of people, with correct progressions and modifications, strengthening the center of the body and learning to use it as a previous support of the column.
    The objective is to reach a muscular balance, mobilizing all the joints of the body. We work from the conviction that pathologies and / or pain can be minimized or eradicated by applying a global functional training, improving postural hygiene and quality of the movement, educating it from the principles of concentration, conscience corpo ral, breathing, elasticity, balance and muscle tone, strength center, joint mobility, control and precision in movement, alignment, opposition, coordination and resistance, through real professionals in the understanding of the body, its pathologies and musculoskeletal needs

    No doubt these principles are the best guarantee of health and physical capacity. All this without forgetting the physiotherapy treatments and the Global Rehabilitation in Motion, performed by a physiotherapist who understands the body as a whole.

    Now in Palma de Mallorca



    Team composed of graduates in Physical Education, Physiotherapist,
    Dancers with a Middle and Higher degree in Dance, all with a dense
    training in the “Pilates” environment and years of experience.

    Aequus System

    The Aequus System: Includes our Abdominal Hypopressive Services, Pilates Classes, Global Rehabilitation in Motion, Women’s Institute and Physiotherapy. It is designed to offer the maximum quality guarantees to our clients / patients.

    The objective is to reach a muscular balance, mobilizing all the joints of the body.

    Pilates Method

    At Estudio Aequus we like to differentiate between Pilates and Pilates Method. Today we find multiple schools with different Pilates courses, in time and density of training, Pilates classes with 30 students, without levels, pilates soil, pilates in pregnancy, new exercises, etc … but Pilates Method there is only one.

    The Pilates method is a methodical physical training, functional training, designed by Joseph P. more than 80 years ago, where the body and mind are worked as a whole, in perfect coordination and involvement.


    Physiotherapy uses different therapeutic techniques in the health field and should not be confused with the massage therapist or with massage.

    The physiotherapist, as a health worker, has the function of prevention, rehabilitation and recovery of musculoskeletal problems, dysfunctions of the locomotor system and postures that generate pain.


    Bonus Course

    The Postural Hygiene, is not carried out with the theory but with a trained body for that purpose. For this reason the Bonded Course of Mechanization of the Labor Ergonomics helps to mechanize it through a functional training, the alignment, strengthening the abdominal muscles, the abdominal strip: transverse of the abdomen, rectus abdominus and obliques, all this will help us to improve the health and to reduce or eliminate pain.

    Aequus Woman

    At Estudio Aequus, women are the essence, 80% of our staff are women and 70% of our clients.

    The goal of Aequus Mujer is to provide a qualified service with years of experience, offering women comprehensive care. the highest quality, Pilates for pregnant and post-partum, fully adapted, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy classes of Abdominal Gymnastics Hypopressive and Low Pressure Fitness

    Hypopressive Gymnastics

    Physiotherapy Clinic Estudio Aequus is specialized in hypopressive exercises.

    Hypopressive gymnastics improves the tone of the pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles: transverse, oblique and rectus abdominis, which form the abdominal belt or the so-called core.


    The objectives that lead you to modify your diet can be broad. We elaborate diets, feeding patterns and nutritional recommendations for different pathologies.

    Aequus Woman

    Postpartum Aequus System
    Pregnant Aequus System
    Abdominal Gymnastics Hypopressive
    Pelvic floor physiotherapy

    Opening Hours of the Center

    • Monday – Thursday 07:30 – 22:00 h
    • Friday 07:30 – 19:30 h
    • Saturday 09:00 – 12:00 h

    Class schedule

    Physiotherapy schedules are by appointment with our Physiotherapist. The schedules of Pilates in Floor and Pilates Machines, Stretches, Hiporpresive Abdominal Gymnastics and Class of Pregnant Pilates are the activities of the table, with their respective days and levels.

    The schedules are distributed in two studies; A1: C /. Costa Rica 1 and A2: C /. Vicente Juan and Rossello 32, both differentiated by activity, soil and machinery. The rest of the columns from Monday to Saturday and studies

    The classes work by levels: 1 Initiation, 2 Preparatory, 3 Basic, 4 Intermediate, 5 Advanced and 6 Super Advanced, these levels are internal and by evaluation of the student, by the instructor.These schedules may undergo modifications in: schedule, level, type of class, etc.

    More information: 673 913 224



    Know the services that best suit you and your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to make your reservation or dispel any type of doubt. At Estudio Aequus our professionals will be happy to assist you.


    Health Experts

    Experts in Physiotherapy and Pilates at Estudio Aequus in Palma de Mallorca.
    We work from the conviction that pathologies and / or pain can be minimized or eradicated by applying a global functional training,
    improving postural hygiene and quality of movement