Our System

The Aequus System, a system designed for your health both in service, professionalism and multidisciplinary team, infrastructure, applications and benefits, and trust, where the fundamental pillar is the Controlled and Conscious Movement (“Pilates de Aequus”), which seeks to balance the body and joint stability, both preventive, as appropriate to the needs and pathological of people, with correct progressions and modifications, strengthening the center of the body and learning to use it as the anterior support of the spine. The objective is to reach a muscular equilibrium, mobilizing all the joints of the body.

We work from the conviction that pathologies and / or pain, can be minimized or eradicated by applying a global functional training, improving postural hygiene and quality of movement, educating it from the principles of concentration, body awareness, breathing, elasticity, balance and muscular tone, center of strength, joint mobility, control and precision in movement, alignment, opposition, coordination and resistance, through true professionals in the understanding of the body, its pathologies and musculoskeletal needs. Undoubtedly these principles are the best guarantee of health and physical capacity.

All this without forgetting personalized nutrition and physiotherapy treatments, performed by a physiotherapist, who understands the body as a whole. To learn more about our Aequus System, do not hesitate to visit our link.