Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Mallorca

What it is used for

Pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic in Mallorca

The mother’s body during this period needs help, a physical training that proposes to cover the need to take care of her body and also to provide her with a supply of energy. With the Pelvic Floor and Pregnancy physiotherapist we will evaluate whether to start with Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics or RGM Postpartum Training + Pilates.

If mothers stop listening to their bodies during this time, poor posture and lack of mobility are accentuated, causing pain, daily discomfort, or perhaps major problems in the future.

Many times we have heard “after childbirth my body is not the same”. Of course, it will be because throughout our lives the body is adding experiences and childbirth is one of them. But mothers after childbirth should not allow themselves to worsen their health.

Pains are symptoms, they transmit the state of our muscles, the general state of the body. Therefore, they should return to movement and allow you to incorporate more muscle strengthening. They should not think about the aesthetics of the body but about the internal aesthetics of the muscular structures, structures that support and mobilize in daily life. For 16 years we have been giving classes to meet the needs of women after childbirth.

pelvic floor physiotherapy in Mallorca

How it can help you

How the mother’s body is found

The mother may be very tired after delivery. Sore or uncomfortable. And this condition may increase in the first weeks after delivery.

In the postpartum period, there is a first very intense moment, which is the first 40 days after delivery, when the body reorganizes and the mother must watch herself for hemorrhages or other problems. You should not engage in sexual intercourse, exercise or very demanding physical activities.

There is also postpartum depression which is caused by the new hormonal change that sets in during this period. Emotionally, the mother is weak and fragile, as is her body.

After quarantine, postpartum continues, although some do not recognize it as such. The hormonal and physical changes continue, there are emotional ups and downs, and fatigue is increasing due to the demands of motherhood. This second part of the postpartum period may continue until a year or a year and a half after delivery.

Muscularly, the body is adding more bad postures due to the accumulated fatigue of sleepless nights, weight gain and holding the baby at every moment, breastfeeding, and the weight of the bags that add up in the transfers. The body is weak and adds up to more work than ever. It is therefore very important that the mother’s body has developed body awareness and physical training before and during pregnancy.

Affected muscles

Poor postpartum posture is a consequence of an imbalance. Weakness of the abdominal musculature to support the spine, causing changes in the shoulder girdle, dorsal and lumbar spine, pelvis and legs.

The muscles that are generally affected by postpartum are:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Square lumbar
  • Pelvic floor
  • Erectors of the dorsal spine
  • Pectorals
  • Serrato

At Mujer Aequus, we will know how to meet your needs.

What it is used for

RGM for pregnant women in Palma de Mallorca

With the Aequus Pregnancy System (+ than Pilates for pregnancy), we want to ensure that pregnant women remain healthy and comfortable during pregnancy. Our main objective is to maintain or improve body posture during pregnancy, as well as to provide optimal physical preparation for childbirth and the demands of motherhood. We perform specific training work, (pilates, yoga are commercial names and as far as we know JP and / or Yoga does not have a specific table for pregnant women), which is a compensatory work for the various needs that arise over the months, at the body level, pain, discomfort and pathological.

We have been working with pregnant women for more than 16 years, and many of them call us and ask us for “Pilates for pregnancy“but the work of Joseph P. is not specific, even not recommended, so in Estudio Aequus in Palma de MallorcaThe term “physical preparation or compensatory work for pregnant women” refers to specific activities and exercises for them and their baby.

These exercises will help you during pregnancy, during labor and a better recovery when your baby is born. We always request a document from the gynecologist that advises the physical activity of the pregnant woman and we perform a physical assessment by our physiotherapist specialized in pregnancy and pelvic floor.

Objectives of the work for pregnant women:

During pregnancy, Pilates for pregnant women helps to:

  • Improve body posture during and after pregnancy.
  • Improve body awareness on how to correct body alignment during daily life.
  • Teach the principles of breathing and alignment during the beginning of the class.
  • Oxygenation of body and baby tissues.
  • Help counteract the physical changes that occur in each trimester.
  • To prepare the lower extremities to support the increased weight of the abdomen during pregnancy. And stimulate blood circulation.
  • Establish a connection with the baby’s body and the mother’s body, improving the relationship.
  • Prepare the pelvic floor for uterine weight gain, birth and sex.
  • To maintain abdominal functions as a support for the uterus and spine, also to prevent irreversible abdominal distension.
  • Prevent problems such as back pain, sacro-iliac joint pain and low back pain.
  • Mobilize the spine in its 4 movements so as not to establish any deviation of the spine during pregnancy.
  • Mobilize all the joints of the body.
  • Stretching the body, mainly the spine that carries the weight of the abdomen.
  • To challenge coordination and balance, since the change of postures alters the balance.

During Childbirth:

  • Establish an intimate relationship with the movement that aids labor.
  • It helps to shorten the duration of labor and reduce the probability of cesarean section.
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal work to help expel the baby.
  • It works on body awareness and relaxation.

After Delivery:

  • Improve postpartum physical recovery.
  • Accelerates the recovery of the abdominal girdle.
  • Prepare the upper body for the demands of baby care and breastfeeding.
  • Maintain a strong body in the face of the obligations of motherhood.
  • Reduction of incontinence symptoms, stimulation of circulation and improvement of constipation.

Come and ask for information about RGM Training + Pilates for Pregnant Women, try one of our classes, and enjoy your pregnancy with as little discomfort as possible.

What is it?

Aequus System in Palma de Mallorca

The Aequus System: Includes our services of RGM Therapy, Hypopressive Abdominals, RGM Trainig: Rehabilitation, Recovery and Global Reeducation in Movement, Women’s Institute, Physiotherapy, Indiba CT9 and Nesa neuromodulation, strength training, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Classes. It is designed to offer maximum quality guarantees to our clients/patients.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals at your service:

  • Instructors with different profiles and university degrees.
  • Professionals with more than 23,000 classes in 16 years and overall studies with more than 150,000 hours of experience.
  • Dense training in movement, functionality and training with pathologies and/or musculoskeletal needs, with the basis of the Pilates Method, with more than 700 exercises, thousands of modifications, progressions, to adapt to you.
  • Team of physiotherapists with different specialties, Sports Physiotherapy, Traumatology, TMJ Temperomandibular Joint, Physiotherapy of pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic floor, urogynecoloproctology, Invasive Therapies, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Physio aesthetic, Exercise, Training and Therapeutic Pilates, Manual Therapy.

Infrastructure designed for your health:

  • Musculoskeletal andbiomechanical assessment to all our clients/patients.
  • Our Classes: Small groups in 8 levels, 10 clients/patients on the floor, 5 on machines and private classes.
  • Specialized classes: Pregnant women, postpartum, children, pathologies, elderly people. Centers with free parking facilities.
  • 5 roomswith Pilates machines and accessories, necessary to work your body.
  • 1 Fitness room for personal training and strength training RGM concept
  • 25 pilates machines: Cadillac, Reformer, Torres, Hight Chair, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Baby Arc.
  • 4 physiotherapy rooms with 2 Indiba CT9 and 1 for treatment with Nesa, non-invasive Neuromodulation.

3. Applications and Benefits of RGM Therapy:

After an intervention, visit to the doctor or physiotherapist and under his recommendation, the applications of RGM Therapy are multiple from non-invasive to level 8 RGM Trainnig.

Non-invasive Neuromodulation (NESA): Electrostimulation with low frequency microcurrents that help modulate the Autonomic Nervous System (the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems), in addition to modulating altered sensations that may generate discomfort. Thus regulating stress (brain Alpha waves), insomnia (pineal gland), chronic fatigue (repolarization and restoration of ionic balance), overactive bladder, chronic and neuropathic pain (attenuating hyperpolarization and stabilizing the electrical signal).

Invasive Neuromodulation: Electrostimulation with low frequency currents through needles.

Indiba CT9: High frequency currents (448kHz) that produce an electrical effect which stimulates cellular activity and a thermal effect that regulates and stimulates metabolic processes producing an increase in trophism and therefore an accelerated recovery process. The application of high frequency currents stimulates cellular regeneration, working on hard or soft tissues, seeking vasodilatation to improve oxygenation and purification of the tissues.

It is recommended in respiratory pathologies, pelvic floor, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system: Tendinopathies, sprains, osteoarthritis, scars, muscle ruptures, fractures, contractures, mechanical pain, etc. and temporomandibular disorders.

Physiotherapy: Traumatology and rheumatology, Sports, Gynecology, Urogynaecology and Obstetrics (Pregnancy and Postpartum), Dentistry (Temporomandibular joint), Geriatric, Neurological, Physioaesthetic, Ergonomic, Cardiovascular and Respiratory.

RGM Training: Integral body-mind exercise, supervised by a physiotherapist, adapting to the individual needs of each patient, depending on their level and pathology. Its practice is indicated in a wide range of pathologies of different nature; for example:

Musculoskeletal Traumatology: All those affections of the bone, muscle, tendon or ligament system produced by wear and tear and overuse, contusion or trauma affecting the locomotor system.

According to the World Health Organization, they range from sudden, short-term disorders (fractures, sprains and strains) to chronic diseases that cause permanent functional limitations and disability (arthritis, osteoporosis or inflammatory diseases).

  • Bone: trauma fracture, stress fracture, calcifications, bone edema or fissures.
  • Muscular: Fibrillar rupture
  • Ligamentous: Knee ligaments, ankle sprain.
  • Tendinopathies: Tendinopathies; shoulder, epicondylitis, Achilles tendon, patellar tendon.
  • Soft parts: disc protrusions or herniated discs, meniscal problems.
  • Generic (global joint involvement): cervical pain, back pain, low back pain, torticollis, spondylolisthesis.

Neurological: We cover those pathologies that affect the nervous system either caused by a compression that produces affectation in this system (tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica) or by alteration of the nervous system itself (spina bifida, muscular dystrophy or Parkinson’s disease).

Cardio-respiratory: Pulmonary and cardiac work that helps to oxygenate the body, learning to breathe and use the thorax, with a controlled heart rate and taking advantage of the benefits it generates to avoid pathologies or improve them (hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular risk).

Alterations in growth and motor development: Spinal column disorders (scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, rectifications).

Normal development from early care to adolescent age (postural hygiene and growth compensations, shortening or maturational dysfunctions).

Other: Physical training. I work with pregnant women and postpartum. Release stress and reduce or eliminate the pathologies that are somatized by it, headaches, vomiting, migraines, diarrhea. Mechanization of healthy habits at work.

4. Service:

  • Open 14 hours a day, from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm from Monday to Thursday, Friday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • More than 180 hours of classes per week, 140 of them with machines.
  • 8 levels of collective classesto adapt to each body, each need and each pathology.
  • Private classes for cases with complex pathologies and/or with pain or special needs.
  • Private lessons or in groups max. 3 students/patients with a greater impact on strength.
  • Classroom make-up service, according to company standards.
  • Advanced physiotherapy service 12 hours a day with 6 physiotherapists.
  • 1 free trial lesson onthe floor or semi-private in Machines, with no obligation, as part of the Aequus Studio program.

5. Aequus Center, a trustworthy center involved in social actions.

  • 16 years of existence, with more than 480 active clients and60% of them with an average of 6 years of permanence.
  • We collaborate with NGOs, charitable foundations and sponsor athletes.
  • Widely recommended on Google and social networks.
  • 000 followers onFacebook, account on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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Your specialist in pelvic floor physiotherapy in Palma de Mallorca

We are specialists in pilates, physiotherapy, hypopressive gymnastics and global rehabilitation in movement, among many other services.

Our main objective is the health and body functionality. We have a synergistic team with a clear objective: your welfare.

fisioterapeuta elena garcia en palma

Elena García Ortiz

Technical Director and Instructor

  • Degree in Physical Education INEF from the University of Lleida.
  • Master in aerobics
  • Master in Fitness
  • Master’s Degree in Rhythmic and Sports Gymnastics
  • Pilates Movement: Levels from Basic to Super Advanced, from Floor and Machines. hip, joints, cervical, etc…
  • Stott Pilates: 32 hours
  • PoleStar Pilates: 1 year to become a Pilates teacher
  • Peak Pilates: 36 hours
  • BTS Body Balance and Body Pump Instructor, updated training courses
  • Toning, Step and Aerobic Fitness Pentathlon
  • Indoor cycling and Tot Cycling instructor (Spinning, taught by Kim Forteza).
  • Leer más
  • Stretching
  • Pilates Movement Training Course: Basic to Super Advanced Levels, Floor and Machine.
  • Complementary courses of Pilates Movement Training with Hoops, Balance Board, Balls, Elastic Bands, Small Arch, Spine Corrector.
  • Torres I and II Pilates Movement Workshop.
  • Complementary Pilates Movement Training Scoliosis course.
  • Course Recovery of pathologies with Pilates material, Shoulder and Hip. Pilatescenter Conxi Martí.
  • Pilates & Suspension workshop given by Karol Tamayo.
  • Pilates Teacher Training Seminar, Jumpboard, Magic Circle, Power Reformer, taught by Karol Tamayo, Evolution Academy.
  • Open Your Back course, given by the international Pilates Evidence School.
  • Biomechanics & Clinical Reformer, course taught by Isaac Fernandez, Xtensal, Biomechanics applied to the Pilates Method.
  • TRX Suspension Training Course.
  • A Week of Classical Pilates, Gratz Guillotine, Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, taught by MeJo Wiggin.
  • Specialization courses with XTensa by Isaac Hernandez:
  • Scoliosis specialization seminar.
  • Course on understanding pain and progressive reformer.
  • Hip-Knee-Ankle specialization course.
  • Pilates Method pregnancy Floor and Machines.
  • Biomechanics and Clinical Reformer Course
  • Pilates Method and Herniated Disc Course.
  • + More than 23 years of training and nearly 25,000 hours of classes taught working from hygiene and mechanization of posture with people with all kinds of musculoskeletal needs such as hernias, prostheses, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc.. Specialized in functional, compensatory and educational training focused on pain and pathology.
Guillermo Homar Ferrer

Elisa Caminals

RGM Instructor

  • Pilates Movement Training Course: Basic to Super Advanced Levels, Floor and Machine.
  • Complementary courses of Pilates Movement Training with Hoops, Balance Board, Balls, Elastic Bands, Small Arch, Spine Corrector.
  • Torres I and II Pilates Movement Workshop.
  • Complementary Pilates Movement Training Scoliosis course.
  • Participation in the Stott Pilates Essential to Intermediate Matwork workshop.
  • Advanced Biomechanics and Clinical Reformer Workshop, taught by Isaac Muñoz, National Pilates Certification Program.
  • Pilates Workshop on Studio Machines, taught by Rocio Carceles, Peak Pilates Spain.
  • Course Recovery of pathologies with Pilates material, Shoulder and Hip. Pilatescenter Conxi Martí.
  • Pilates & Suspension workshop given by Karol Tamayo.
  • Pilates Teacher Training Seminar, Jumpboard, Magic Circle, Power Reformer, taught by Karol Tamayo, Evolution Academy.
  • Open Your Back course, given by the international Pilates Evidence School.
  • Leer más
  • Workshop Introduction to the Bowspring , given by Desi Springer and John Friend.
  • First responder in mountain accidents workshop given by SOSMONTAÑA.
  • Biomechanics & Clinical Reformer, course taught by Isaac Fernandez, Xtensal
  • Biomechanics applied to the Pilates Method.
  • Pilates Floor Workshop, given by F.E.D.A (Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness).
  • TRX Suspension Training Course.
  • A Week of Classical Pilates, Gratz Guillotine, Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, taught by MeJo Wiggin.
Guillermo Homar Ferrer

Silvia Ortiz

Registered physiotherapis nº1780

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy at the Central University of Catalonia.
  • Specialized in pelvic floor, urogenicology and obstetrics.
  • Hypopressive Gymnastics Training with Marcel Caufriez
  • Specialist in Pilates floor and machine Pilates Method with Nature Pilates
rgm caterina instructor


Registered Physiotherapist nº2094

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Master’s Degree in the Integral Approach to the Female and Male Pelvic Floor at the European University of Madrid.
  • Certification in Pregnancy and Postpartum Training with OWA.
  • Pessary training with Fisinergia.
  • Superior Technician in Physical and Sports Activities Animation.
  • Training in wood therapy with Silvia López.

We listen to you

What our patients say about pelvic floor physiotherapy

Es una gran suerte tener a Sara como fisioterapeuta: magnífica profesional cuyos tratamientos realmente funcionan gracias a su experiencia, conocimientos científicos y buen hacer, además del estupendo trato y la disponibilidad para resolverte cualquier duda y explicarte el porqué de la dolencia. Una maravilla.
He acudido a Sara tras un mal diagnóstico de una clínica de fisioterapia y la experiencia ha sido muy buena.Enseguida tenía seguridad de qué me pasaba, me ha dado un tratamiento certero y eficaz y se nota que sabe, que es experta y muy profesional, además de muy amable y empática. Sabe escuchar y sabe diagnosticar. Y encima, su consulta es muy agradable y transmite mucha paz.
Pilar López
Pilar López
09:25 24 Oct 23
Sara es una gran profesional , fui ayer con un dolor y rigidez bastante intenso de cuello y trapecios y hoy soy otra persona, estoy aliviada y sin dolor he podido pasar por fin una buena noche y descansar ya que el dolor no me dejaba y esto solo en una sesión, sin duda seguiré visitándola, también me aconsejó mucho sobre mi escoliosis y detecta rápido lo que tienes, en general estoy muy contenta, necesitaba encontrar alguien así, el centro es bonito, limpio y se respira armonía ella es muy agradable. Sin duda la recomiendo ♥️
Sara Blanca
Sara Blanca
11:05 06 Sep 23
Llevo varios meses con dolores y un dia dia que ha cambiado mi vida,decido acudir a un fisioterapeuta y no he podido elegir mejor porque desde el principio Sara,que además es osteopata, me explica todo al detalle y me dice que es una carrera de fondo que va lento pero que tiene mejoría y llevando varias sesiones ya he empezado a notar la evolución, que es lento, pero vamos por buen camino. Se nota que no estoy como cuando llegué. Es una gran profesional y una gran persona ,confío plenamente en ella y seguiré mejorando seguro,porque también te aconseja ejercicios para hacer en casa .Recomendable 100%
Susana Conejero
Susana Conejero
18:50 27 Jul 23
Grandísima profesional, muy recomendable, me trató una cirugía de hombro y vi la mejoría sesión tras sesión. Estoy muy agradecido por su trabajo.
David Porras
David Porras
17:06 15 Jul 23
Acabo de salir,y la verdad que Sara es la chica que me atendió y excelente la verd todo me lo ha explicado super bien pendiente de si tenía molestias porque en este caso ella es osteópata y me miró tema cráneo y demás y la verdad que muy bien el trato, gracias
Macarena Ruiz Lopez
Macarena Ruiz Lopez
10:17 13 Jun 23
Sara es una auténtica profesional. He recibido un trato excelente y el tratamiento está funcionando a la perfección. 100% recomendado. Una clínica preciosa.
11:21 10 Feb 23
Estupenda en todo. Es una gran profesional. Atención y trato exquisitos. Llevo años con ella y no la cambio por nada del mundo!
20:49 29 Sep 22
Sara es una magnífica profesional, a mi me ayudó muchísimo con mi problema de espalda y se lo agradeceré toda la vida.Sería fantástico que ella os tratara!
Isabel María Rojas
Isabel María Rojas
21:42 10 Jun 22
Llevo casi cinco años tratándome aquí y solo puedo darle las gracias a Sara por su trato, profesionalidad, y por su aguante...
Tarutito Agu
Tarutito Agu
15:49 03 Jun 22
Sara treated me for a back injury. She was always professional and gave me excercises to do at home to speed up the recovery process. I highly recommend her.
19:02 24 May 22
Muy buena profesional, se ajustaba a mis horarios de manera fácil y quedé muy satisfecho con las 6 secciones que me di para curar mi lumbalgia.
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno
18:43 24 May 22
Recomiendo al 100% esta clinica.De sara, decir que es una gran profesional y mejor persona.Pone por delante la honestidad y no es nada pesetera.En mi caso, hace ya 5 años de esto... me diagnosticó rapidisimo, me trató de fabula y con unos resultados muy precoces y palpables en mis lesiones, que no se pueden describir. Asi como mi agradecimiento.Espero que la conozcan, saludos.
jose carlos
jose carlos
15:02 24 May 22
Sara es una gran profesional,se implica mucho con los pacientes,muy amable y cercana... fantástica fisio!!!
Cristina Gonzalez
Cristina Gonzalez
22:04 23 May 22
Llevo con ella 4 años y siento que no podría estar en mejores manos. Muy profesional, se preocupa por cada paciente y por ayudarte a entender lo que te ocurre. Trato cercano y amable. Se la he recomendado a conocidos que necesitaban sesiones de rehabilitación y lo seguiré haciendo porque para mi, sin duda, es la mejor.
Cristina Burgos Gil
Cristina Burgos Gil
19:11 23 May 22
Sara es una excelente profesional.Fui por un problema puntual y supo arreglarme enseguida. Conoce muy bien todas las dolencias del cuerpo y te lo explica todo al detalle, su trabajo es maravilloso y ella no puede ser más encantadora.
Lourdes Serrano
Lourdes Serrano
18:59 23 May 22
Tuve un problema de coxis hace unos 5 años no muy conocido y estaba desesperada, tenía unos dolorores horribles, no podía ni tumbarme en la cama bocarriba, y caminaba como como si fuera un pato, por que no podía, buscaba una profesional y me encontré a la mejor. Fue un año duro de sesiones, pero a día de hoy hago mi vida con toda normalidad y todo gracias a ella. Sigo tratándome de contracturas, de la espalda etc.. Y sin ninguna duda no la cambiaría nunca. Gracias por la gran profesional que eres, por como te preocupas y te implicas con tus pacientes.
eli valle morales
eli valle morales
18:08 23 May 22
Cuando recurrí a Sara, recuerdo estar muy contracturado en la espalda y en el cuello como consecuencia de posturas en el trabajo. Llevaba días dolorido con estas contracturas y fue providencial para mí el tratamiento que me dispensó esta fisioterapeuta porque con gran diligencia y profesionalidad se empleó en ellas de manera que en 2 sesiones desaparecieron todas y su resultado fue conseguir un relajamiento muy beneficioso y agradable de mi cuerpo, una magnífica sensación de bienestar y salud.Dado que estas contracturas se me producen en el ejercicio de mi trabajo, sospecho que en otro momento es posible que se me reproduzcan, y si así fuera no lo dudaré y recurriré nuevamente a Sara de la que valoro especialmente su eficacia, simpatía y diligencia.
17:36 23 May 22
Excelente trato. Muy profesional y super agradable. Supo cual era mi problema enseguida. Luego los estudios lo corroboraron. Una genia 😊.
Guillermina Mosqueira
Guillermina Mosqueira
17:00 23 May 22
Una magnífica profesional.
Lola Valencia
Lola Valencia
16:56 23 May 22
Maravillosa profesional. Llevo año y medio en tto. con ella. Es muy buena fisioterapeuta, amable y empática.
16:36 23 May 22
Excelente Profesional, nos ha ayudado mucho a toda la familia ya llevamos con ella 6 años quitándonos problemas de espalda, tendones, rodilla con paciencia y atenta a sus pacientes.
Trato excelente y personalizado,gracias a su profesionalidad diagnóstica rápido y soluciona efectivamente,recomiendo 100%
Maricarmen Cortés
Maricarmen Cortés
14:36 23 May 22
Fantástica fisio. Profesionalidad y buen precio.
Francisco Sánchez
Francisco Sánchez
14:10 23 May 22
Sara es muy amable y muy profesional! Cuidó de mi niña de 3 meses y fue maravilloso! La recomiendo 100%!
vanessa vega
vanessa vega
13:54 23 May 22
Estupenda profesional.
Esther Toro
Esther Toro
13:37 23 May 22
Maravillosa persona en lo personal y profesional .Mi hija ha mejorado muchísimo su problema de escoliosis gracias a su trabajo ,dedicación y empatía.Te dice las cosas claras ,posibles soluciones y como afrontarlos .
Pili Venegas Sanchez
Pili Venegas Sanchez
13:36 23 May 22
Insuperable persona. Destacable su profesionalidad, en el trato con sus clientes. En el ámbito humano, se hace visible su gran interés por ofrecer una eficaz solución, a cada dolencia. Ofrece consejos y terapias, para seguir en casa. Es cercana y muy respetuosa. A mí, personalmente, me ha solucionado dolencias que venía arrastrando y sufriendo, hace más de 30 años. Muy satisfactoria mi experiencia. La recomiendo 100%
Sara es muy buena profesional y mi tratamiento acabó con un excelente resultado.
Eloy Alarcón Barea
Eloy Alarcón Barea
13:23 23 May 22
Excelente profesional, la formación que tiene es increíble y si algo no conoce o maneja busca informa al respecto.Super recomendable!
Francisco J Álvarez
Francisco J Álvarez
13:21 23 May 22
Acudo desde hace más de un año y la verdad es que estoy encantada. Trato excelente y muy profesional.
Laura Burgos
Laura Burgos
13:18 23 May 22
Sara es mi fisioterapeuta desde hace unos años, ya me ha tratado varias veces por mi problema de huesos y siempre que me hace falta acudo a ella porque sé que voy a mejorar.
Josefa Sanchez Llamas
Josefa Sanchez Llamas
13:15 23 May 22
Sara es una buenísima fisioterapeuta.Conoce muy bien los tipos de dolencias y trabaja el cuerpo a fondo.Además es encantadora y explica todo al detalle.
Eder M
Eder M
13:13 23 May 22
Una profesional de 10
Julia Altamirano
Julia Altamirano
13:01 23 May 22
Muy buena profesional y muy clara sobre las posibilidades de tratamiento y los ejercicios a realizar por parte del paciente. La recomiendo sin duda
Elena Cruz
Elena Cruz
13:01 23 May 22
Gran profesional y persona, lleva años tratándome y también lo hizo con mi hijo. Muy atenta y muy buenas manos, la recomiendo sin duda alguna.
muy buena profesional, aparte de una persona muy agradable y cercana, super recomendada!
Belén Herrera Morente
Belén Herrera Morente
17:00 22 May 22
Tengo problemas de espalda y me ayuda mucho venir. Llevo viniendo ya casi 4 años y estoy super contenta.
Alicia Muñoz Serrano
Alicia Muñoz Serrano
14:56 22 May 22
Muy buena profesional, además de encantadora. Llevo muchos años con ella y estoy muy contenta con su trabajo. Os la recomiendo.
Increíblemente profesional. El tiempo que utiliza contigo está aprovechado al 100 %.Un buen bagaje, buena formación, empatía excepcional, ojo clínico y la perfecta mezcla de simpatía y discreción hacen que mejorar patologías o preparar un evento deportivo sea más fácil.#muyrecomendable
11:36 22 May 22
La Fisio de cabecera tanto mía, como de toda mi familia. Gran profesional, amable, simpática y cercana. Sorprende como unas manos tan finas pueden tener tanta fuerza y apretar tanto. Siempre se la recomiendo a todos mis amigos. Los que hemos probado, ya no buscamos a otro profesional.
Alfonso J. CP
Alfonso J. CP
11:19 22 May 22
Un servicio excelente, un trato inmejorable.
10:50 22 May 22
Fui para un problema puntual y me trataron estupendamente. Me escucharon con atención y me ofrecieron una solución muy precisa así cómo consejos muy útiles.
Ada Gr
Ada Gr
10:13 22 May 22
Extraordinaria profesional con gran experiencia. Es amable, cercana y se preocupa por sus pacientes. Muy recomendable sin duda.
Ana Martín Muñoz
Ana Martín Muñoz
10:11 22 May 22
Mas que recomendable. Profesional y eficaz. En mi caso con problemas de tirones en la espalda me ha bastado una sesion.
antonio flores burgess
antonio flores burgess
10:09 22 May 22
Una profesional competente y atenta a las exigencias del paciente. Una persona delicada y meticulosa. Recomiendo.
"mejor imposible"Tuve un problema grave de rodilla y despues de ver a varios especialistas, Sara fue la unica profesional que me dio un diagnostico y tratamiento acertado,aplicando tecnicas innovadoras y eficientes para mi problema.Una fantastica profesional ,una clinica acogedora y no siendo menos importante excepcional persona,amable y cercana.
Extraordinaria profesional. Especializada en escoliosis. Mis hijos notaron una gran mejoría en su patología. Trato amable, cercano y con gran empatía hacia cada paciente. Una preocupación verdadera por la enfermedad de cada uno de " sus niños" para lograr que mejoren de sus dolencias. Maravillosa con los padres puesto que nos alerta de cualquier cambio en la situación del niño para actuar a tiempo.EXCELENTE
Magnífica profesional, con gran experiencia y formación. Tratamientos específicos y personalizados. Amable, cordial y con horarios flexibles. Muy recomendable.

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Frequently asked questions about pelvic floor physiotherapy in Mallorca

What does pelvic floor physiotherapy consist of?

First of all, we must know that this part of the body should not only be treated at the time of pregnancy. pregnancy or in the postpartumas the pelvic floor is constantly the pelvic floor is constantly exerting an effort as the containment of the viscera that rest on it and that can produce various problems or discomfort and to avoid them should take into account the structures of the perineum area.

The job of the pelvic floor physiotherapist is to assess and treat perineal dysfunctions. dysfunctions of the perineum not only in women but also in men, especially in pathologies such as urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

What is the pelvic floor or perineum?

The pelvic floor is the set of muscles, ligaments and bones located at the base of the pelvis that support the bladder, rectum and uterus.. These muscles can be differentiated in two planes:

  • Surface plane in which the muscles that form it extend from front to back between the pubis and the coccyx, laterally between the ischia. They draw a kind of figure eight that crosses at the level of an area called the tendinous center of the perineum. The main function of these muscles is sexual and they also help support the viscera.
  • Deep plane. These muscles form the highest plane, above the superficial muscles and are closer to the viscera. The whole is dome-shaped, convex downward, concave upward. This superior concavity opposes that of the diaphragm muscle, hence its name “pelvic diaphragm”.

These muscles and ligaments must be in good correct condition and functioning as it contains very important viscera such as the bladder and rectum, and in the case of women also the uterus and vagina, while in men, the prostate.

What are the functions of the pelvic floor?

  • Support of the abdominopelvic viscera, such as bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum, and of the baby in case of pregnancy.such as the bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum, and of the baby in case of pregnancy.
  • Continence. Controls the opening and closing of the sphincters in both urination and defecation.
  • Reproductive function. It is the last barrier that the baby must make before the moment of delivery, thanks to these muscles the baby’s head rotates and the urge to push is provoked.
  • Sexual function. It enables some processes of sexual action such as pleasure and orgasm.

What causes can weaken the pelvic floor?

  • Some of the causes that can lead to a weakening of the pelvic floor in the case of women include women are:
    • PregnancyThe weight of the uterus rests on the muscles of the perineum.
    • Childbirth y postpartum.
    • Women with high body index or obesity.
    • Impact sports, such as running or jumpingsuch as running or jumping cause an increase in intra-abdominal pressure.
    • Menopausewhich causes various changes in a woman’s system, such as a decrease in elasticity or hypotonia.
    • Others (chronic cough, aggressive surgical treatments, constipation, urine retention, etc.)

While in the case of men men the main cause is prostate prostate surgery.

What are the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions?

The most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions are urinary incontinence, constipation, difficulty urinating y organ prolapse. Other symptoms may include pain during intercourse o leakage of urine when coughing or sneezing.

In which cases is perineal physical therapy recommended?

  • Pregnancy. It is very important to prepare the mother for this moment by elasticizing and toning the structures to be worked on.
  • Postpartum. During childbirth the musculature has made a great effort and at this time we must perform an exploration and strengthen the muscles that have been weakened, and if there are scars from the episiotomy or cesarean section, treat them.
  • Urinary incontinence e fecal or gas incontinence. There is a large percentage of women and, to a lesser extent, men who suffer from any of these types of leaks. Through physiotherapy, this musculature can be strengthened and proprioception can be increased.
  • Polachyuria. The normal frequency of urination is about 7 times a day. If this is not the case, pelviperineal physiotherapy helps to normalize bladder function.
  • Urinary urgency. In this pathology, a sudden and intense desire to urinate is perceived, which can be the cause of two types of dysfunction, sensory urgency or motor urgency.
  • Sexual dysfunction. Both in terms of pain (dyspareunia) and inability to have intercourse (vaginismus, erectile dysfunction).
  • Constipation. Constipation can be a serious problem if not solved, from our center we have physiotherapy combined with exercise and nutrition to help in these cases.
  • Prolapsed or descending organs. Because the pelvic musculature has weakened and cannot fulfill its organ-supporting function. For this purpose, the musculature must be re-strengthened to improve or not increase the degree of descent.
  • Chronic pelvic pain o perineal pain. In this area of our body there should not be any type of pain either, otherwise it indicates that there is some disorder that should be evaluated.

Is pelvic floor physiotherapy only for women or also for men?

Yes, pelvic floor physiotherapy is beneficial for both men and women. beneficial for both men and women..

This form of physical therapy can provide many benefits to people of all ages, including improved muscle strengthmuscle strength, improved improved postureposture, reduction of back pain reduction of back painthe prevention of urinary prevention of urinary incontinence and sexual function improvement.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy helps to treat underlying weaknesses that may be disrupting the well-being and quality of life. well-being and quality of life and quality of life.

What pelvic floor physiotherapy techniques or treatments do you use?

  • Perineal massageto elasticize the tissue and in case of pregnancy we avoid tears or fibrillar ruptures.
  • Myofascial techniquesThese techniques allow to influence the control or elimination of painful processes of different origin: myofascial, neuromuscular or visceral.
  • Peripheral neuromodulation. By means of percutaneous or transcutaneous application and through electrical currents, they allow us to stimulate nerve pathways and thus provoke physiological reactions in the organism in order to reduce pain, act on bladder control, etc.
  • Muscle electrostimulation. Using specific equipment for urogynecology, we look for pain relief, improvement of muscle tone, proprioception of the area, etc. Treatment that can be combined with other exercises that would be performed by the patient with physiotherapeutic supervision.
  • Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics. Prevention and abdomino-perineal therapy method in which we seek as effects the toning of the pelvic floor, the toning of the abdominal girdle and the normalization of abdominal pressures.
  • Preparation for childbirth. From the center we want to accompany and prepare expectant mothers for this special moment as it is childbirth, for this we perform exercises to elasticize and strengthen the muscles, combined with perineal massage and preparation for pushing with the help of EPI-NO.

How can I find a good pelvic floor physiotherapist in Palma de Mallorca?

Finding a good pelvic floor physiotherapist in Palma de Mallorca is essential for those who are looking to to improve their pelvic health.

Estudio Aequus is one of the best pelvic floor physiotherapy centers on the island, offering a comprehensive on the island, offering a comprehensive approach that addresses underlying weaknesses, improves muscle strength and helps restore normal pelvic floor function.

Why are you the best pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic in Palma?

Our specialized and personalized approach to each patient coupled with our many years of years of experience and the and the satisfaction of our patients with the treatments we offer have made us one of the best pelvic floor physiotherapy best pelvic floor physiotherapy clinics in Mallorca..

In addition, we have a team of team of experienced and qualified professionals and qualified professionals who provide individualized treatments tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

We strive to create an environment where patients feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands. in good hands.

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