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Pilates Method

At Estudio Aequus we like to differentiate between Pilates and Pilates Method. Today we find multiple schools with different Pilates courses, in time and density of training, classes with 30 students, without levels, soil, pilates in pregnancy, new exercises, etc … but Pilates Method there is only one.


We speak of a methodical physical training, functional training, designed by Joseph P. more than 80 years ago, where the body and mind are worked as a whole, in perfect coordination and involvement.

Joseph Pilates, called his activity “Contrology”, to control movement. Methodology used from the “rehabilitation” to the physical preparation, at the highest level.

He died, victim of the gases inhaled in the fire of his study, where all the documents of his work were lost, except the design of his machines. His students transmitted until today, the physical training they received and as a tribute, they called it Pilates Method.


It is divided into 4 levels, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Super Advanced.
In our Study we will know how to satisfy the most demanding students who want to progress in the different levels of the Method.

Always with the premise the quality of movement, when recommending one or the other level, in order to improve, progress, taking care of the details so that it is positive for our body.

The fundamental principles of the Method are; Concentration, breathing, center of force, fluidity of movement, control, precision, alignment, opposition, coordination and resistance.

In our Study we have Masters trained at different levels and in the totality of the method. To get the best teachers, your training should focus on the fundamentals of J.P. and progress in the Method.

We have Masters with more than 18 years of experience and 17,000 hours of experience in the last 11 years.